Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Areyoumyboo is finally done with college and is now moving into the real world. Everyone's boo can now be found on TakingYouOver.com

So 'citing!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Holler @ us

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Buzz, cuz

Here's a collabo between VerBS & Intuition, it's a really refreshing EP.

The "Buzz" EP is an raucous upbeat romp through their daily lives filled with humor, emotion, passion, and desire for something more. It features an outstanding production lineup (featuring Dibiase, Equalibrum, Alpha MC, Aspect 1 and Fudd Burton.

We got a couple words from them at the show they did in Irvine this past week, the video will be up soon. Until then, DL THE EP!
The Buzz EP track listing:
01 Hip No Ties (Prod. by Alpha MC)
02 Touch the Moon (Prod. by Fudd Burton)
03 What You Make It (Prod. by Aspect 1)
04 See Us (Prod. by Equalibrum)
05 Really (Prod. by Dibiase)
06 Live Write (Prod. by Alpha MC + Feat. Dj MurjOne)

Future Street/Drug Sounds

Dom Kennedy dropped his 2nd mixtape in the Spring, and it has been garnering plenty of attention and praise. The music we've been posting has been hand picked, so help yourself out and DL everything on here--including this. The music on this album has the laid-back demeanor Dom is known for, and it features production by LAUSD, Drewbyrd, Jason Madison, Chuck Inglish and more (check the tracklist for the rest)

Check Dom performing "Hard Work" live

Word to Your Blogger

Time for some artist updates!

Pheo came out with a new mixtape called Word to Your Blogger. If you guys haven't heard much of his music, this is a good compilation of some of his good shit. And if the cover doesn't already make you want to DL this mixtape, wait til you hear the music (featuring DJ Alf Alpha & C. Green), it's reason enough.
Download the mixtape here